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Fayette County Marcellus Shale Permits 7/30/12 - 8/12/12

[See below for a new FERC Texas Eastern project]

Source: Pennsylvania Bulletin

Catalog of Nonregulatory Documents
[42 Pa.B. 5011]
[Saturday, August 4, 2012]

Under Executive Order 1996-1, agencies under the jurisdiction of the Governor must catalog and publish nonregulatory documents such as policy statements, guidance manuals, decisions, rules and other written materials that provide compliance related information. The following compilation is the sixteenth list of the nonregulatory documents. This list is updated and published annually on the first Saturday in August.

This catalog is being provided to ensure that the public has complete access to the information necessary to understand and comply with state regulations. We have made every effort to ensure that the catalog includes all documents in effect as of August 4, 2012; however, due to the breadth and changing nature of these documents, we cannot guarantee absolute accuracy. Facilitating access to information is important to enhancing the partnership between the regulated community and the state.
[I am only including the link for DEP, below. For other PA departments and agencies, see the pages following the link above.]

The following is a current list of the Department of Environmental Protection's available technical guidance documents. These documents are available on the department's website at http://www.elibrary.dep.state.pa.us/. Persons who have questions or comments about a particular document should contact Robert Altenburg at (717) 783-8727. The department will continue to revise its technical guidance documents, as necessary.
[The list of technical guidance documents is quite lengthy, so I won't include it here. Follow the link above to see the list.]


Action Taken by the Commission
[42 Pa.B. 4992]
[Saturday, August 4, 2012]

Approval Order

Public Meeting Held
July 19, 2012

Commissioners Voting: Silvan B. Lutkewitte, III, Chairperson; George D. Bedwick, Vice Chairperson; John F. Mizner, Esq.; Lawrence J. Tabas, Esq.

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission\u2014
Liquid Fuels Pipeline Regulations;
Regulation No. 57-281 (#2887)

On February 10, 2011, the Independent Regulatory Review Commission (Commission) received this proposed regulation from the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC). This rulemaking amends 52 Pa. Code ?59.33. The proposed regulation was published in the February 26, 2011 Pennsylvania Bulletin with a 30-day public comment period. The final-form regulation was submitted to the Commission on May 31, 2012.

This regulation adds new language to regulate pipeline transportation of natural gas and hazardous liquid by incorporating federal law, and in accordance with Pennsylvania's participation in the United States Department of Transportation's Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration's Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Safety Grant Program.

We have determined this regulation is consistent with the statutory authority of the PUC (66 Pa.C.S.A. ?102(1)(v)) and the intention of the General Assembly. Having considered all of the other criteria of the Regulatory Review Act, we find promulgation of this regulation is in the public interest.

By Order of the Commission:

This regulation is approved.


Act 13 of 2012 -- Implementation of
Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee Act;
Reconsideration Order Regarding Chapter 23

By the Commission:


On February 14, 2012, Governor Corbett signed into law Act 13 of 2012, the Unconventional Gas Well Impact Fee Act (Act 13), which amends Title 58 (Oil and Gas) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes. Act 13 provides, inter alia, for an impact fee, Oil and Gas Act amendments and standards for local ordinances. Act 13 allows counties to pass ordinances to impose an impact fee on unconventional gas well producers and, alternatively, allows municipalities, under certain circumstances, to adopt resolutions compelling the imposition of fees if a county elects not to do so.

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission's (Commission) administrative responsibilities for implementing the provisions of Act 13 are contained within Chapters 23 and 33 of the Act. On March 16, 2012, we issued a Tentative Implementation Order addressing those responsibilities and proposing procedures to carry out the administrative responsibilities contained in these two chapters. That Order solicited comments from interested parties. Comments to the Tentative Order were filed by the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors (Townships), the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs (Boroughs), the County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania (Counties), Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc., and, jointly, the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association, the Marcellus Shale Coalition, and the Associated Petroleum Industries of Pennsylvania (collectively, Producers). On May 10, 2012, we issued an Order addressing these comments and other issues associated with implementation of Chapter 23 of Act 13.

Following issuance of the May 10 Order, Petitions for Reconsideration were filed by the Producers and the Townships. On June 7, 2012, we issued an Order granting reconsideration pending a review of the merits of the petitions. Additionally, on June 15, 2012, the Producers filed a Petition for Leave to File an Answer and an Answer in Support of the Townships' Petition.1 This Order is limited to the issues raised in those petitions.

The Producers' Petition.

The Producers raise two issues in their Petition. First, the Producers comment that the Commission's treatment of vertical gas wells2 should be modified. In our May 10 Order, we discussed vertical unconventional gas wells and determined that those wells ''will be treated identically to horizontal unconventional wells including the three year minimum fee, with the exception of the fee amount, which is 20% of the unconventional horizontal gas well impact fee, and the termination of the fee in years 11-15.'' Implementation Order, p. 8. The Producers allege that vertical unconventional gas wells should not be subject to the three year minimum fee established at 58 Pa.C.S. ?2302(b.1), and should only be subject to the fee if they meet designated production levels.

[Details omitted]

The Producers also comment that the assessment established at subsection 2303(c), 58 Pa.C.S. ?2303(c), should be allocated only to those producers' wells that are subject to the impact fee, not all producers' wells.

[Details omitted]

The Townships' Petition.

The Townships' Petition for Reconsideration is limited to the Commission's treatment of subsection 2314(e), 58 Pa.C.S. ?2314(e), concerning restrictions on allocations of funds to municipalities. By way of background, subsection 2314(e) provides limitations on the funds a particular municipality may receive from the Unconventional Gas Well Fee.

[Details omitted]

It Is Ordered That:

1. The Producers' Petition for Leave to File an Answer is granted.

2. The Petitions for Reconsideration filed by the Producers and the Townships are hereby granted, consistent with this Order.

3. Our May 10, 2012 Order is modified consistent with this Order.

4. On or before August 15, 2012, Producers must supply production information for 2011 for vertical gas wells, as provided herein.

5. A copy of this Order shall be published in the Pennsylvania Bulletin and posted on the Commission's website at www.puc.state.pa.us click on Natural Gas/Act 13 (Impact Fee).

6. A copy of this Order shall be served on all commentators.

[This notice is quite lengthy. For the full notice, follow the link above.]

Source: eNOTICE

Authorization ID:        936418
Permit number:  ESX11-051-0024
Authorization type:     Expedited E&S Stormwater General Permit 1
Application type:       Amendment
Authorization is for:   SITE
Date received:  07/25/2012
Status: Pending
Municipalities: German Twp

Authorization ID:        933155
Permit number:  GP5-26-00485C
Authorization type:     AQ General Permit
Application type:       Renewal
Authorization is for:   FACILITY
Date received:  06/19/2012
Status: Pending
Municipalities: Dunbar Twp

Authorization ID:        933608
Permit number:  ESX11-051-0031
Authorization type:     Expedited E&S Stormwater General Permit 1
Application type:       New
Authorization is for:   SITE
Date received:  07/06/2012
Status: Issued 07/30/2012
Municipalities: Redstone Twp

Authorization ID:        936716
Permit number:  PA0253723
Authorization type:     Major IW Facility <250 MGD
Application type:       Transfer
Authorization is for:   FACILITY
Date received:  08/01/2012
Status: Pending
Location: 39.85277778,-79.92472222 <http://mapq.st/NYP1xN>
Municipalities: Masontown Boro

Authorization ID:        930999
Permit number:  051-24513
Authorization type:     Drill & Operate Well Permit
Application type:       New
Authorization is for:   FACILITY
Date received:  06/12/2012
Status: Issued 07/30/2012
Location: 39.88754722,-79.84008611 <http://mapq.st/POYSX9>
Municipalities: German Twp

Authorization ID:        925592
Permit number:  E26-362
Authorization type:     Water Obstruction & Encroachment Pmt
Application type:       New
Authorization is for:   FACILITY
Date received:  03/15/2012
Status: Pending
Sub-Facility ID Sub-Facility Name       Description
1077512         CIARROCCHI WELL FLOODWAY ACTIVITY       Floodway Activity
1077513         CIARROCCHI WELL WETLAND IMPACT  Wetland Impact
Location: 39.93902597,-79.84109529 <http://mapq.st/P4S2B0>
Municipalities: Redstone Twp

Source: FERC

Filed By:        Texas Eastern Transmission, LP
Filed Date:     7/9/2012
Accession No:   20120709-5141
Description:    Texas Eastern Transmission, LP submits Request for Approval of Pre-Filing Review for its proposed Texas Eastern Appalachia to Market Expansion Project 2014 ("TEAM 2014 Project") under PF12-19.
<http://elibrary.ferc.gov/idmws/docket_search.asp> enter Docket number PF12-19

Some excerpts from the application letter:

6.6 miles of new pipeline loop in Fayette County, Pennsylvania which will be located downstream of Texas Eastern's existing Holbrook Compressor Station in Greene County,

installation of new aero assemblies and installation of oxidation catalysts in two
existing units, paper uprate of one existing 16,000 hp electric unit to 20,000 hp
and power uprate of two existing 12,250 hp units to 13,330 hp at Texas Eastern?s
existing Uniontown Compressor Station in Fayette County, Pennsylvania;

Holbrook to Uniontown, 6.6 miles  New Salem
36-inch pipeline loop
German, Menallen, and North Union
Townships,                                  39ᄚ54'59.03"N, 39ᄚ54'59.03"N,
Fayette County, Pennsylvania                79ᄚ51'11.11"W  79ᄚ51'11.11"W

The addition of approximately 6.6 miles of 36-inch diameter natural gas pipeline generally within or adjacent to the existing Texas Eastern pipeline easements in German, Menallen, and North Union Townships, Fayette County, Pennsylvania east of the Monongahela River;

The upgrade of existing compressor units to add 9,100 horsepower of compression at the existing Uniontown Compressor Station and associated work at the Uniontown Compressor Station in North Union Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania;

[The application letter includes maps for the Fayette County section.]


A company web page for the "TEAM 2014" pipeline project is available here:
Readers are encouraged to subscribe to FERC docket PF12-19 (see "FERC citizen involvement" below).

The Nelson Compressor Station in Dunbar Twp (authorization 933155 above) was originally listed in the eFACTS database under the name DOUGLAS OIL VANDERBILT STA, "client" DOUGLAS OIL & GAS INC. Evidently ownership has been transferred to Rex Energy Operating Corp.


eNOTICE records are likely to list the same permit multiple times, as that permit moves through the DEP process.

Oil & Gas Wells designated with a site a number and the letter H typically designate horizontal wells.

The eMapPa web site does not work in web browsers other than Internet Explorer. For instructions on how to view eMapPa data in Firefox send me E-mail.


Pennsylvania Bulletin: <http://www.pabulletin.com/>

eNOTICE: <http://www.ahs2.dep.state.pa.us/eNOTICEWeb/>

DEP Well Details Report: <https://www.paoilandgasreporting.state.pa.us/publicreports/Modules/WellDetails/WellDetails.aspx>
Well Details may not show any information for new permits and will not show permits which have not yet been issued. Lookup for Well Details is by permit number.

EPA-Echo: <http://www.epa-echo.gov/echo/compliance_report_air.html>

FERC citizen involvement: <http://www.ferc.gov/for-citizens/get-involved.asp>
To receive E-mail notification of all documents filed in a FERC docket, see:


Follow the directions and enter the docket number to subscribe to.

Township  Supervisors receive information regarding Erosion & Sedimentation permits, and these records may be reviewable at township municipal offices.

DEP permits are reviewable through the File Review process, for application to do file review see: <http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/southwest_regional_office/1375/file_review/593164>

Environmental Hearing Board: <http://ehb.courtapps.com/public/index.php>

PA DEP Public Participation Center Proposals Currently Open for Comment:
This location contains links for open public comment periods.

Federal Register Environment: <https://www.federalregister.gov/environment>
Browsing of recent comment opportunities for federal agencies, e.g. EPA. Click "sign up" to subscribe to daily E-mails of new document listings.


This compilation from the above sources was done by hand using copy and paste and may omit relevant permits.

Does not currently include water supply permits.

Erosion & Sedimentation permit records do not currently include latitude and longitude. Where I am publishing latitude and longitude with E&S permits it is by inferring an associated well permit and using published latitude and longitude for the well. It is possible I may be inferring the wrong well site.

Municipalities are shown from eFACTS records on the DEP web site. The DEP has been known to list a municipality incorrectly.