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Open Public Comment Periods


Deadline June 5, 2017: Draft Air Quality General Permit (GP-5) for Compressor Stations, Draft Air Quality General Permit (GP-5a) for Unconventional Natural Gas Wells, and Draft List of Exemptions for Facilities Needing an Air Quality Permit

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DEP eComment:
Lists currently open public comment periods at DEP and provides the opportunity to comment on-line

Lists federal regulations with comment periods due “soon”


Deadline December 4, 2015: Proposed Climate, Air Quality and Permitting Rules for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry

Deadline November 18, 2014: Standards and Guidelines for Identifying, Tracking and Resolving Oil and Gas Violations

Deadline June 9, 2014: DEP 2014-15 Annual Ambient Air Monitoriing Network Plan

Deadline February 3, 2014: Uniontown Compressor Station Horsepower Upgrade

Deadline August 27, 2013: DEP Public Participation Policy

HEARING 5/1/2013 / Written comment deadline 5/11/2013: MarkWest’s Smith Compressor Station

Deadline March 19, 2013: Oil & Gas Air Quality Exemption B 38