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Fayette Marcellus Watch News

1/6/2016  Sinkholes Open Beneath Texas Eastern Pipeline near Shamrock Compressor Station

Updated 7/27/2014   Pa First Case of Forced Pooling

6/19/14   Retired Pa. health staffers say department muzzled them on fracking — The PULSE, WHYY-FM
Two retirees from the Pennsylvania Department of Health say its employees were silenced on the issue of Marcellus Shale drilling.

One veteran employee says she was instructed not to return phone calls from residents who expressed health concerns about natural gas development.

"We were absolutely not allowed to talk to them," said Tammi Stuck, who worked as a community health nurse in Fayette County for nearly 36 years.

3/4/2013   Chevron Called Out for Callous Pizza Gesture

8/29/2013   Zoning board grants exception to gas company
The Fayette County Zoning Hearing Board gave Chevron a special exception for a fresh water storage impoundment that Atlas had already built in 2010. Jim Rosenberg and Kathryn Hilton were there to give testimony.

For Jim's prepared text look here.

6/17/2013   Residents urge closer look at drilling permits — Uniontown Herald-Standard
Fayette Marcellus Watch appears before the Fayette County Planning Commission

Read the Proposal for Enactment Fayette Marcellus Watch submitted to the Planning Commission and the Commissioners.

6/10/2013   Chevron Among Drillers Facing Gas Wells Nuisance Lawsuit — Bloomberg
This is a national story about a nuisance lawsuit filed by the Speer Law Firm on behalf of the Headleys, Bezjaks, and other Fayette County families. The Speer firm is famous for winning nuiscance lawsuits against large factory farms (CAFOs).

County residents join to sue natural gas companies — Uniontown Herald-Standard

3/29/2013   The Headleys appear on WTAE showing a visible emissions cloud from the well on their property.
Property owner's access blocked by gas company — Uniontown Herald-Standard

3/25/2013   EPA announces expert panel to review fracking study — Reuters

3/22/2013   Krancer to resign as Pennsylvania DEP director — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Krancer’s resignation validates concerns about DEP, By state Rep. Jesse White — Uniontown Herald-Standard

3/22/2013   Update: Williams Partners Addresses Cameron Gas Line Rupture —  The Intelligencer / Wheeling News-Register

3/21/2013   New initiative sets standards for Marcellus Shale drilling in Pa. and Appalachian basin — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Sierra Club Blasts 'Sustainable Shale' Center's Partnership Between Industry And Environmental Groups — Huffington Post

New Voluntary Standards Don't Make Fracking Safe — Demos

The Center for Cesstainable Shale Development — Fayette Marcellus Watch

3/20/2013   Judge Debbie O'Dell-Seneca orders records unsealed in the Hallowich case (Washington County) — Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
In an extremely significant ruling, President Judge Debbie O'Dell-Seneca ordered the records unsealed in the settlement of a Washington County case between the Hallowich family and Range Resources, MarkWest, and Laurel Mountain Midstream, ruling that privacy rights accorded to persons by the Pennsylvania Constitution do not apply to corporations. See also:

Secrecy Lifted in Fracking Case — StateImpact Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Judge Orders Records Opened in Fracking Case — Bloomberg

Judge Rules In Favor Of Journalists, Unseals Fracking Court Records — Earthjustice

You can download Judge O'Dell-Seneca's ruling here

Drilling Companies Agree to Settle Fracking Contamination Case for $750,000 — StateImpact Pennsylvania (includes the entire 971-page case record.)

3/10/2013   Frack Water Liability Laundering Act UPDATED 3/17/2013
Senator Richard Kasunic has introduced a very disturbing bill giving the oil and gas industry way too much liability protection for reusing mine drainage water in hydraulic fracturing operations.

3/7/2013   The Texas Eastern TEAM 2014 Project has moved from Pre-Filing to Filing under FERC. Here is the map:

Texas Eastern TEAM 2014 Project Map