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Pennsylvania Bulletin: <http://www.pabulletin.com/>

eNOTICE: <http://www.ahs2.dep.state.pa.us/eNOTICEWeb/>

DEP Oil & Gas Reports: <http://www.dep.pa.gov/DataandTools/Reports/Oil%20and%20Gas%20Reports/Pages/default.aspx>

DEP Well Details Report: <https://www.paoilandgasreporting.state.pa.us/publicreports/Modules/WellDetails/WellDetails.aspx>
Well Details may not show any information for new permits and will not show permits which have not yet been issued. Lookup for Well Details is by permit number.

DEP Permits Issued Detail Report:

DEP SPUD (drilling started) Report:

DEP Oil and Gas Compliance Report:

DEP PA Oil & Gas Mapping:

DEP Oil and Gas Electronic Notifications

DEP Oil and Gas Well Pad Report

Pennsylvania Spatial Data Access:
DEP Spatial Data Repository:

National Response Center:

EPA-Echo: <http://www.epa-echo.gov/echo/compliance_report_air.html>

FERC citizen involvement: <http://www.ferc.gov/for-citizens/get-involved.asp>
To receive E-mail notification of all documents filed in a FERC docket, see:

Follow the directions and enter the docket number to subscribe to.

Township  Supervisors receive information regarding Erosion & Sedimentation permits, and these records may be reviewable at township municipal offices.

DEP permits are reviewable through the File Review process, for application to do file review see: <http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/southwest_regional_office/13775/file_review/593164>

Environmental Hearing Board: <http://ehb.courtapps.com/public/index.php>

PA DEP Environmental Policy Comment System:

Federal Register Environment: <https://www.federalregister.gov/environment>
Browsing of recent comment opportunities for federal agencies, e.g. EPA. Click "sign up" to subscribe to daily E-mails of new document listings.

SkyTruth Fayette County Drilling Alerts: <http://frack.skytruth.org/pennsylvania-frack-alerts/fayette_pa>

EPA Pennsylvania Public Notices: <http://www2.epa.gov/aboutepa/epa-pennsylvania#notice>
Marcellus Shale waste disposal injection wells in Pennsylvania are regulated directly by EPA, not DEP. Notice of any new permit applications will appear at the above web address.  I'm not aware of any subscription service to be notified of such applications. I'm not aware of any Marcellus Shale waste disposal injection wells in Fayette County (yet ...) but we need to monitor this page for future applications.

US Army Corps of Engineers, Pittsburgh District, Public Notices:

Energy Assurance Daily: <http://www.oe.netl.doe.gov/ead.aspx>
Daily newsletter from the US Department of Energy about events relating to energy. The Natural Gas section has information about pipelines.