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What Is Environmental Justice?

What Is It?: DEP defines an environmental justice area as “any census tract where 20 percent or more individuals live in poverty, and/or 30 percent or more of the population is minority”. In Fayette County, the entirety of Springhill, Nicholson, German, and Georges Townships are environmental justice areas, as well as a large part of Dunbar Township.

Why Does It Matter?: There are supposed to be enhanced public participation requirements for permits in environmental justice areas, but news of this actually ever happening is scarce. Among the issues affecting Environmental Justice are:
Where Can I Find It?: DEP's policy document on public participation guidelines for environmental justice areas is located here:
<http://www.elibrary.dep.state.pa.us/dsweb/Get/Version-48671/012-0501-002.pdf> See also:

For the 2010 Cenus GIS data delineating environmental justice areas, see:


What’s been said about it?:
For a Fayette Marcellus Watch citizen comment invoking Environmental Justice for the Springhill #2 Compressor Station, see:
“Citizens’ Act 14 Municipality/County Comment on Forthcoming Presumed Permit # GP5-26-00587C Springhill #2 Compressor Station (DEP Site ID 720794) Application Under GP-5 To Replace Two Gas-Fired Compression Engines”,

For a Fayette County public comment on Environmental Justice policy see: